November 22, 2022

The LoFi Wines team run down three wines they’re bringing to Natty Smash

This Thursday evening, the boys from LoFi Wines will be coming to Mary’s Newtown for Natty Smash, conducting a full wine list takeover, showcasing a range of a range of local and international producers. But first, to give us a better idea of some of the wines they’ll be pouring, we asked Tom and James to give us a run-down of three wines they’re particularly excited to be bringing you this Thursday.

Al di la del Fiume ‘Birichen’ Rosato

Up in the rolling hills of Emilia-Romagna is where we first met Danila and her husband Gabriele. A once youth counselor now turned farmer, we knew immediately Danila had created a place like we’d never come across before. Imagine to yourself a farmhouse perched up on the grassy sunny slopes in Italy, surrounded on all sides by fruit trees, grain crops, herbs and other agricultural endeavours, vines being but one (and a small portion at that). Danila uses her farmstay as a learning centre to promote and educate all things biodynamics, so chances are if you’re an aspiring vigneron in the area who’s keen on organics you’ll find yourself in one of her classes. Kids come through on excursions to learn about working with the earth, others come to learn how to turn grain into flour and pasta and in and amongst all this activity some precious wines are born. Although easy to miss what with all that is happening, Danila’s wines (here, her Pet Nat) are refreshing, super alive and always energising. Not a whole lot is made so it’s always a pleasure to pour it for friends back home.

Good Intentions Wine Co ‘Cape Jaffa’ Chardonnay

Mount Gambier in South Australia has always presented to our eye an interesting and somewhat rare coincidence of geography right in our backyard; a volcano by the sea, a perfect combination of mineral-rich, fertile soil intersecting with a consistent and temperate climate moderated by the nearby sea. There are a few places in the wine world like this, Mount Etna in Sicily for example, and for those who harness it’s agricultural energy can create some pretty special wines. Enter Andrew from Good Intentions, one of the few (along with good friends over at Limus Wines) growing grapes under organic and biodynamic principles and making super expressive, minimal intervention wines. Andrew’s Chardonnay here is lush and pure, pushed by expressive fruit and with the top-spin of Mount Gambier minerality.

Domaine des Sablonnettes ‘Copines’ Gamay

The Loire has always fascinated us, mostly for its breeding ground of young, ambitious and enthusiastic winemakers eager to farm sustainably and express their terroir through their wines and best they can. Jeremy and his parents are such people, growing on limestone and quartz soils that give their wines such livelihood. Rablay-sur-Layon is not a subregion one associates with Gamay all that often as sweet Chenin’s are what captures most people’s attention. But dig a little deeper and ask the winemaker ‘what else do you make?’ and you often stumble upon a treasure trove of terrific winemaking that sadly at times can get overlooked. Jeremy’s Gamay is a great example of this, refreshing, juicy and thirst-quenching, a simple and delicious wine with immense value behind it.

Mary’s Newtown
Thursday, November 24th

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