World famous
in Sydney

Born from late nights and guilty pleasures. Run tell ya mother. Don’t forget your daddy, sister, and brother – we’ve got a location to suit any occasion or persuasion.

Eat like a king or queen in Castle Hill where we’re serving up the same loud tunes, spicy hangovers and sauce-dripping good times we’ve come to expect.

Or slum it at the church of the divine burger in Newtown where you’ll find delicious burgers, loud music and the worst toilets in the postcode.

Maybe you want the best fucking burgers in the world next door to the best fucking Harbour Bridge in the world down at Circular Quay. Above an iconic live music venue, Mary’s underground.

And who could forget our joint down at the Entertainment Quarter, situated next door to the great Liberty Hall, where art, music, and food collide for little kids and big children.

“With an open-door policy that sees all manner of waif and weirdo drifting in at all hours.”