We’re picking up what you’re putting down.

Need a villainous venue for your next mid-sesh mash up?  That delightfully dingy, highly sought after, instagrime friendly, flickering red light over a broken mirror selfie shtick? Yeah, we got you.

Just tell us what you need, and we’ll handle it. Within reason (to the guy who asked for a real, live party donkey, the answer is still no). No way we’re cleaning the bathrooms though. Fuck that.

Or maybe you want to join the team or give us some feedback. Either way, use the form below to reach out and we’ll get back to you.

Anyway, drop us a line using the enquiries form below if you’ve got something serious to talk about, like giving us heaps of money for fun stuff.

To reserve a table at Mary’s, please book via the relevant location page.