Q. I’m generally in a rush because I live life like there’s no tomorrow and think waiting to order is a mug’s game, can I pre-order some of your DELICIOUS Mary’s food for sit in or take away??

A. Based on the theory that all is equal we do not accept orders other than in venue or via our delivery partner websites.  Have a beer or read the hilarious ramblings on the wall as you wait.

Q.  I like to talk and wanna call you to either a) tell you how much I love the shit out of you or b) complain, because that’s just the type of person I am.  Do you have a phone?? This number I found online doesn’t even work, are you lot that stupid that you got your own number wrong?

A. We don’t have phone’s in venue!!! They’re annoying and nobody wants to answer the phone when your having a fucking belter of a time! The numbers online were not provided by us and have somehow made their way on to the internet because that’s just the kind of world we live in these days!

Q. Is your beef and chicken Halal certified?

A. Yes it is !!  And we have the certificates on hand to prove it!