July 20, 2023

Words by Isabelle Rich 

The Eclectic Sounds of Liberty Hall House Party II

Liberty Hall House Party is back, baby. In May, we hosted the first one of these things and it was completely out of control (if you were there, you know). We’ve been champing at the bit ever since to go again. 

On Friday, August 11th, you can catch live sets from Mildlife, Lazywax, First Beige, Morning Mood, and Lux Trevis, as well as DJ sets from Soju Gang, Bria, and Champs. To properly prepare yourself, get the low-down on some of the music you can expect below. 


My introduction to Mildlife came via their sprawling 11-minute 2018 single, ‘Phase II’

Wobbly synths and flares of bluesy flutes made way for swinging basslines and jazzy guitars, pulling me through plains of atmospheric grooves and otherworldly improvisations. “What is this madness?” I muttered to myself. 

And so the portal opened. 

Since then, the band have released a string of singles and remixes, as well as their second full-length LP, ‘Automatic’. Here, the band settle into an ultra laid-back blend of psychedelic jazz and disco, delivering something completely hypnotic and, dare I say it, transcendental. That’s not to say it’ll have you sinking into your La-Z-Boy staring at the ceiling. No, it’s more ‘I see the light’, liturgical dance kinda stuff. 

So, if you’re in the market for this kind of spiritual dancing experience, you can get it for the very low price of $40 (+bf) at the next Liberty Hall House Party. Bargain. 


I’ve heard many rumours regarding Hans Müller and Wolfgang Schneider, the mysterious duo behind Lazywax; chance encounters at European discotheques, debaucherous nights on the Amalfi Coast, legendary parties at the exclusive beachside clubs of Santorini, and of course, intense but fruitful writing sessions at Müller’s studio. 

Inspired by the sounds of 70s and 80s Mediterranean dance, Lazywax produce music that makes you feel as though you’ve been transported back in time, with added “modern luxuries”. It’s slick, stylish, and irresistibly danceable. 

So, whatever rumours you’ve heard, put them out of your mind. They’re irrelevant here. All you need to know is that Hans Müller and Wolfgang Schneider are men of style, men of luxury, and men of dance. Step into their world and let them take hold of your body. 

First Beige

Fuck this is a good lineup. In case Mildlife and Lazywax didn’t do it for you, wrap your ears around Brisbane’s First Beige. Located somewhere near the intersection of house and jazz, First Beige have spent the past number of years crafting a sound that is immensely textured, layering oscillating synths upon oscillating synths upon blissful vocal harmonies upon mesmerising Latin-inspired rhythms. 

Their 2022 debut album ‘Doplar’ is akin to a journey through space and time, traversing vast sonic landscapes, always landing in some unexpected place. It’s dreamy, it’s exciting, it’s joyous, it’s heavenly. Place your AirPods into your ears, sit back, and enjoy the ride. 

Morning Mood

If you’re not already across Morning Mood, that’s on you. The Sydney/Wollongong group throw elements of jazz, neo-soul, funk, and a whole bunch of other genres I couldn’t be bothered to list into a big cauldron, creating something that’s completely intoxicating. 

With a string of singles and a full-length record under their collective belt, the band have quickly made their mark on the local music scene. So yes, if you’re not already across them, that’s on you. But it’s not too late to rectify your mistake. 

Lux Trevis

Lux Trevis is the nom de plume of local wunderkind Lucas Trevisan, who upon seeing live for the first time, you’ll be completely enamoured with. If you want a taste (and believe me, you want a taste), go listen to his live album ‘Lux Trevis live @ Weaselstock 22’. It’ll blow your mind. 

Crazy stuff that doesn’t really give a shit about sticking to a certain genre. Lucas just does whatever he wants and we’re the beneficiaries. 

Liberty Hall House Party

Liberty Hall, Sydney
Friday, August 11th, 7PM

First Beige
Soju Gang
Morning Mood
Lux Trevis
+DJs til late