September 30, 2021

Words: Bill Robinson / Image: Rudy Zverina

Sweetie: Boundary Queen

The days are getting hotter, the nights a little balmier. Picnic season is upon us, and Sweetie have finally released their long-awaited debut single, ‘Boundary Queen’.

Now, it’s likely coincidental that all these events (the changing of seasons, the relaxing of restrictions, the recorded debut of Sweetie) have so perfectly coincided with one another. But I prefer to think that some greater, cosmic force is at play. It all seems too perfect.

‘Boundary Queen’ is a hit. Let’s get that out of the way.

With its deserty guitar sounds, care-free gang vocals and addictive hooks, the song balances between being infectiously energetic and not really giving a fuck. It’s like a fever dream; throwing you between lucidity and hallucination. It’s exactly the kind of song you want playing while you’re sitting in the park on a hot spring afternoon with friends you haven’t seen in three months.

Sweetie have been kicking around the live scene for almost a year now, building a following with their huge live show. Hopefully we get to see them in the flesh again before too long.

Until then, check out the track for yourself below.