Words by May Dupp

Palisa Anderson runs down all the food at HERE NOW

HERE NOW is coming up this Sunday, June 11th, and to whet your appetite for all the amazing food that will be on offer, we caught up with the festival’s food curator, Palisa Anderson, to get the low-down on each member of the lineup.

Annita Potter (Viand)

“Reverse migrant cooking at it’s best in Sydney. Annita’s interpretation of Thai food in Australia is fascinating and straight up delicious!”

Jowett Yu

“Cantonese Chinese is such an important thread in the fabric of Australian food, and Jow is a perfect interpreter of this cuisine.”

Shaun Christie David

“Good restaurants are more than good food, it’s about community and sharing the abundance of Australia with people who need that kindness. Migrant food is often thought as the poor cousin but what people forget is that it is the foundation of cultural richness.”

Lauren Eldridge

“I wanted Lauren purely for selfish reasons, I want to eat everything Lauren makes!”

Nik Hill

“Nik produces one of my favourite all time ingredients; smoked native eels and he happens to cook some of the best euro bistro food in the city!”

Morgan McGlone

“No one does hospitality like Morgy. Morgy is the consummate chef who knows how to bring good vibe energy to a restaurant, a venue, a pot or an event. I love everything Morgy does with his big heart style.”

Alex Pritchard

“Is there a restaurant more iconically Sydney than Icebergs? Alex’s food represents good producers in the best light with how he cooks, giving respect and generosity to both the producer and the diner.”

Whole Beast Butchery

“Whole animal butchery is a dying art form. With the onslaught of supermarket packaged meat, good butchers are like sculptors and a necessary conduit from grower to consumer – eating the whole well-raised animal is vital and imperative.”

Bush To Bowl

“The story of country told through the native foods that is produced from it is one that every Australian needs to learn.”

John Susman (Fishtails)

“Susman’s work with sustainable seafood helps us all navigate the often confusing information around what to eat from the ocean and how best to protect her stocks.”

Little Hill Farm

“In a world rife with cheaply produced meat, when you come across a producer whose chicken stands out — so much so that it features in some of city’s best restaurants like Sean’s Panorama — it makes me want to yell out from the roof tops for everyone to support these farmers and encourage more to do the same!”

Alto Olives

“Alto not only make sublimely delicious health giving oils but they have regenerated and steward their country at Peelwood in an exemplary way over the course of the past 30 years changing the previously overgrazed land into a lush micro climate environment. Robert and Westerly are great inspiration to me.”

Smoketrap Eels

“Eels play an important role in the lives of indigenous communities, with the telling of seasons and as the food stuff vital to Australian culture. Nik is helping to bring this story and these delights to light.”

Macquarie Place Park (outside Mary’s Underground)
Sunday, June 11th
3PM – 9PM