November 12, 2021

Words: William Charles Montgomery Robinson / Photography: Joel McDonald

Green Screen : Love Prevails

Zoe Catterall and Hewett Cook really nailed it when they settled on Green Screen as a band name. With their glitchy electro-pop sound, the group’s music will forever conjure images of cheap green screen graphics (example: the video for their debut single, I Am Boring).

And as everyone knows, cheap green screen graphics rule.

For those of you who aren’t already in the know, Green Screen (the band, not the visual superimposing technology) is the collaborative project of The Buoys’ frontwoman Zoe Catterall and Baby Beef’s head crooner Hewett Cook. What they deliver here on their debut EP, ‘Love Prevails’, is a collection of tunes that stand apart from either of their previous projects—chiefly because they’re a set of quite charming love songs.

Sonically, the project sits closer to Baby Beef’s quirky electronic production than it does to The Buoys’ anthemic indie-rock, but separates itself through subject matter and the addition of Catterall’s distinctive vocal melodies. The pair work incredibly well together; their vocals perfectly matched, tinted with just the right amount of irony.

‘Love Prevails’ is a perfect collection of love songs for the modern era. COVID has driven us online. It’s also made things a little awkward. Despite all these things, love prevails. This eccentric EP from two of Sydney’s favourite lead singers will reassure you of this fact.

Listen to ‘Love Prevails’ below.