July 27, 2023

Words by Anna Pollogie

Flyying Colours – You Never Know

So much music was written and recorded during the pandemic, it seems like a moot point to bring it up. In the case of Flyying Colours’ third full-length record, however, it seems important. This is an album marked by a sense of isolation and introspection; the capturing of a specific moment in time. ‘You Never Know’ was belted out over two weeks with this goal in mind, weaving through recurring sounds and themes; an album not just made but lived in. 

For those of you not in the know, the Melbourne outfit have been releasing music for over a decade now, perfecting a catchy, hook-driven brand of shoegaze that could be compared to My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive, but really exists in a world of its own. 

Fuzzy textures and infectious vocal melodies abound on ‘You Never Know’ (as is par for the course with Flyying Colours). ‘Lost Then Found’ will ease you into the album with a low hum, before layering chugging guitar and basslines, driving percussion and dreamy vocals. That’s when the wall of sound hits and you know you’re in a Flyying Colours album. 

The sounds these guys pull are mind bending. ‘Long Distance’ chugs along before exploding into an all-out assault of bruising guitar tones that’ll rattle you to the core. Lead single ‘Goodbye To Music’ on the other hand is a more shimmering, synth-driven and danceable offering from the band, fitting well into their overall output while also showcasing their versatility. 

If you want to hear all these new tracks plus all the Flyying Colours classics, head down to see them on August 18th at Mary’s Underground. 

Flyying Colours
Mary’s Underground
Circular Quay
Friday 18 August 18th
Doors open 8pm